COLAE accelerates the commercialization of organic and large area electronics by creating supply chains, providing access to training resources and enabling effective product development.  In order to strengthen Europe's position as a technology leader and to promote the goal of development in the field of organic and large area electronics, COLAE uses the extensive resources and expertise of all partners involved.

COLAE sees itself as a central point of contact in Europe for companies establishing themselves in the market for organic and large area electronics support.  It is possible for COLAE to concentrate the expertise of the partners in such a way that it is in a position to be able to finance an extensive portfolio of services including feasibility studies, staff training and IPR management to access and pilot production facilities to offer.

The OES has made it a central task to organize trade fairs and present COLAE and its partners on the basis of a demonstrator. Another element of cooperation is the presentation of OLAE technologies in a video.  Link Video.

COLAE is a project of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.

Dr. Dominik Gronarz
+49 (0)351 46677 180