Organic Electronics

Organic solar cells and OLEDs – Operation and Production of organic components


Organic electronics is a new technology for highly efficient lighting, brilliant displays and novel photovoltaics. On top of that it offers promising opportunities for the development of new products, which utilize the special features of organic electronics such as flexibility and bendability, low weight or transparency.

White OLED lighting panels
Highly efficient lighting with OLEDs
Brilliant displays with OLED-technology
Mobile phone with OLED display
Flexible photovoltaics with organic solar cells

On the following pages basic concepts and the most important applications of organic electronics are explained in an easily understandable way and it will be illustrated why product developers regard organic electronics as an especially trend-setting technology.

Detailansicht Produktion auf Rolle
A metal-coated reflecting foil is running through a coating unit for organic components.
A solar cell demonstrator during the opening of Heliatek’s new production unit, in this picture: Stanislaw Tillich, premier of the Free State of Saxony, Thibaud Le Séguillon, CEO of Heliatek, Dr. Martin Pfeiffer, CTO and co-founder of Heliatek.

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